ERROR - lua panic not enough memory

well, after i play gmod for about 5 minuites or so, Garrysmod just crashes. the error message i am getting is simply:

My pc should defenetly be good enough, could play BF4 on 1080p and all on ULTRA

i have tried to reinstall gmod and validate it. still hasnt fixed it. :frowning:

PC specs:
RAM - 16GB
Graphics card - GTX 970 4GB (3.5GB)

plz, help :frowning:

How much hard drive space do you have free? And how many addons are you running?

i have 1,74TB of diskspace, should be PLENTY.
I have 32 addons, but i have deactivated all of them.

Edit: it crashed before i deactivated all of them as well.

It could possibly be a memory leak in one of the addons. See if it occurs again

ok… i try to play in a little while again :I