"ERROR" message when fireing weapons

when I shoot one of my downloaded guns and error message pops out with the bullet casing. it dosen’t do this with my HL2 weapons anyone know why this is? or how I can solve this problem?

Your downloaded gun most likely is supposed to launch a prop, correct? If so, then you probably don’t have the prop installed, or the person who made the gun coded it with the wrong filepath. Was I right on the prop-spawning thing?

well I’m not so sure because I’ve had downloaded weapons for a wile and just recently it affected every downloaded gun I had not just certain ones so I have no idea why it’s doing that

Lua error?

Post link to said gun, it’s probably old and broken.

thats some SWEP’s I just downloaded and they still eject ERROR’s with the bullet casings


I got these

If you dont have counterstrike and the weapons use the css weapon baser, they will fire errors

And it didnt always do that.