Error messages and missing reciticals on scoped weapons

Right, I know you have all heard this question millions of times but i really am stuck on this one:

Firstly most of my addon weapons fire the flashing ERROR signs out the top of the gun when i shoot, bullets work fine but the mass of errors is kinda annoying.

Secondly, when using the scope on a weapon that zooms in, I get the Checker-board thing where the lens should be.

I’m guessing that it’s something to do with appropriate file placement but I’ve tried placing the documents in various files to no avail.

and last but not least, I’ve checked that all the addons contain an info.txt doc so i know it’s not that.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ^^

Do you HAVE CSS?

I’m guessing you either 1. Don’t have CS:S 2. Got a guest pass and figured out how to open a GCF. The solution would cost around $20

so, css is the answer, that’s great tnx for the help guys, and i havent got a guest pass to my knowledge


just need to download css and it’ll be fine after that?

CS:S, not CSS/css.

Don’t get them confused, you don’t wanna waste money buying CSS.

ahh, i see, so they are different, i thought the “:” in game zombie’s post was a typo, thx for the warning