Error messagge says "send to devoloper" when trying to play

How do I fix this? I already reformatted this damn computer. I just want to play Rust with my friends!

System specs in post below*

Post your system specs, please.

Can you also post the log

Here you are, thanks for your help. I R Nub

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I think this is it but If it’s not please clarify as I am new to computers…

Please also post what model video card you have. You can find it in the graphics control panel (either Nvidia or the AMD Catalyst Control Center).

If there’s anything else you’d like to see don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks!

Please open device manager and post what the name is under graphics adapter. (Not the monitor, but the video card.)

Though I’m going to guess that having generic drivers is going to be a symptom, if not a root cause, of your problems with Rust.

You haven’t updated your drivers since 2009?

Does your computer look like this?

Because if so, here are your problems:

  1. It’s a laptop that’s not particularly suitable for 3D-intensive games like Rust, because it’s got a relatively weak integrated graphics chip.

Rust and integrated graphics don’t get along.

  1. You’re not even running the right drivers for it. You’re running generic VGA drivers that are older than the laptop itself. Go download the right drivers from Acer’s website. You have an Aspire 7552G.

Yup, that’s my lappytop… except older and dustier.

The driver update has seemed to work!!! It didn’t occur to me to check the drivers… which is usually the problem. hurp durp hurrrr.

Thanks so much!

Very good to see that even your dusty old hardware can keep you happy.

Yeah man, this compy has been more or less “working” for the last five years.


and don’t be afraid to keep it for a little longer. Nothing wrong with old hardware, but there comes a time where even if its mint, it won’t work very well.

If it burns out, come to facepunch for a new computer, a nice desktop even perhaps.