ERROR Models Everywhere?

This is my first post, so please don’t get mad.

When I get my map, I use BitTorrent and I extract the map file, put it in a maps, blah blah, but then I go and I load the map, and some textures are A: Gone B: That Purple Box Stuff and the models are red ERROR’s! It doesn’t do this with all maps, but most of them, and the maps don’t have more then one file in the Torrent, it’s just the Map file, no textures, nothing. Am I missing something? Is it my game? Please help me.

What games do you have?

Note: some maps require other games to see models/textures

I have…uh…the only Valve game I have is HL2. . .

What games do I need for maps lke de_school and Botmap?

Css and EP2.

Some maps require ep1 or ep2 models and textures. If you haven’t got them then you really should get them anyway…they are damn good games.

de_ cs_ pl_ ctf_ cp_ DoD_ ep2_ ep1_ and many more

but for de_school you need Counterstrike
and for Botmap was Ep2

Uh, are they expensive? I’m a little short on money. . .

You have steam i assume…look yourself.

I did, but my Steam takes a while to open- Slower then I get Replys

And asking others to do it for you sounds to me like a whiny kid…it just annoys me.

£18.99 for all half lifes + others

counter strike is £13

On the scale of use of content it goes like this:


bad for you, how can you play multiplayer anyway?