Error models (need game or really error?)

I hope I’ve posted this thread in right section. I’m you on this formum, so please dont beat me.

I have games TF2 and CS:Source. When I play on G-mod servers, especially in construct mode (like first construct map in serverlist) I always see many red ERROR tables, with which other players are interacting.

My questions are:
1)Do I need (most likely) buy HL2? Or this can be figured out without making a such purchase?

2)When playing in construct mode with many other players all the time I see table covering up to the half of left part of screen with yellow rows, writing paths to files (seems most likely to be something about errors). Is that a problem of same kind, or this table can be simply turned off?

Thank you very much for attention!

The errors may mostly be models from the phx3 model packs or wire…
I Would reccomend downloading them via svn

Tell me more about that, would you kindly. It seems to me, Im not understanding well your jargon

He said your missing the addon phx3. Alot of people use that so you will often see errors without it and same thing with wire. He recommended downloading them via svn cause that is the most upto date way to get those addons

Check this guide to downloading PHX3. Also, consider buying HL: Episode 2, because it has lots of new props.

Uhm, SVN is really simple actually.
Download and install the program.
And then go to addons, make a folder named phx3.
Right-click it, choose SVN checkout and type in this link:
Then let it download everythink, and ur cool ^^

So I dont actually need classic HL2? Everything from that I can see?

Umm, dun think so, most ppl use PHX and Wire, not hl2 props ^^
Just download it ^^
And if you need wiremod, just google it; “WIREMOD SVN”
And do the same process ^^

Checkout is procesing now, but thank you very much for your assistance and care. And also THANK YOU VERY MUCH for letting me know about such a handy thing as SVN!!!