ERROR Movie Poster - Read Description!

Premiring this summer, a new blockbluster movie titled “ERROR”
Featuring fantastic actors Sean Penn, Male_09, Nic Cage, Vince Offer and Saxton Hale
Narrated by Gordon Freeman
Written and directed by DATASS
Produced by STEAMWORKS and VALVe

Inspired by War of the Servers, the movie features 4 players stranded in a map with no physical models for their props… missing textures and reference model NPCs. Trying to escape they come across the only man who can help them… SAXTON HAAALLE!!

Screenshot from RP_Apocalypse

I’m actually inthe process of making this movie. It’ll either come out this summer or I’ll pull a Gaben or a Black Mesa Source and delay it to whenever.

If this was a requesting help thread, I would help you until my fingers fall off - I wouldn’t give a fuck even if you were an Ideas Guy, I would help you.

I like this alot :smiley:

Fucking yes.

Fuck my poses, I will stop it forever jsut because of this, so beautiful.

Awesome. reminds me of a pic I took ages ago.

In the wise words of South Park’s Randy Marsh: “WE DIDN’T LISTEN!!” Love it!

That is DEFIANTLY going to a fucking scene! >:D

The player’s plane crashes into a server where all of the’s dust and debris textures are forever lost!


[sp]I’m serious. Now we just need actors for it[/sp]

I’ll be Ideas Guy.

DAMMIT, I’ll be Director!

Guys, guys. My friends and I have it pretty much covered. And it’s not going to be a full length movie like the all favoured, WotS. It’s going to be about 10mins since thats all I can upload on YouTube. But my script is almost finished and is looking really nice, even for being 10mins long.

Where is your YouTube, I really need to see this NOOOOOW!

I was joking, I’ll be the guy whose waiting for this to come out. :buddy:
Only did it because everyone who pitches a machinima to this section is an “ideas guy” who wants us to do all the work for him.

Hahaha. Then I’m one of the rare ones that actually does shit. xD

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It’s not out now… Its not even started filming. I’m still setting up the maps and I just finished the script.

Epic. Got a belly laugh out of me:keke:

Haha. Thanks, man. :smiley:

I was joking too.

I could act or something… maybe.

I want to play ERROR #2838 in scene #132.

In an attempt to improve on my posing, I’ve made some stuff you could use for ERROR movie promo stuff: