Error: "No base module (weapons)"

I’m trying to add combo_fists 1.11 to my game mode. When the game starts, I begin with the fists ready. However, if i try to scroll to my pistol (the only other weapons i have applied to the game mode are the crowbar and pistol), it won’t allow me to. I have to press #2 to use my pistol.

The main problem is that there is no #3 weapon selection for the fists in the weapon menu. In order to return to the fists, i have to empty all of the ammo out of my pistol, and it automatically brings the fists back up. But, if i switch to the crowbar after doing so, i cannot return to the fists.

Alongside these errors, i am getting a few errors when trying to punch left and right with the fists. I’m assuming these have to do with the fists’ coding, and i am not too worried about it because they seem to work decent enough.

Here is a pic of the error:

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Look for SWEP.Base in the fists code and make sure you have that base swep aswell.