Error! RAGE T-Junctions

Too many t-junctions to fix up! (3003 prims, max 32768 :: 65562 indices, max 65536)

I hate this… I keep deleting func_detail after func_detail and I still get this error…

not my post i took it off some other site but i found out the problem

T-junctions are the junctions between func_details and world brushes,
generally this error happens when you have func_detailed only part of
a very complex piece of brushwork

I can’t get this fucking error to go away

Convert func_details to world brushes if you’ve got extra brush budget.

How would I do that?


And what do you mean by extra brush budget? eh?

Select a func_detail, go to Tools and click on Move to World.


Brush budget means if you have world brushes to spare. The Source Engine has a hard-coded limit on the amount of world brushes a map can have. (Somewhere around 8500)

You will probably end up mangling vvis in this manner, far better to use propper to convert some of your complex brushwork to props.

How can I check my amount of world brushes?
Also I am intriguied with this “Propper” Can I get a link about it or something?


My compiler keeps crashing half way through never seems to get past Portalflow …01…02

Does it crash or just slow down?

It goes non-responsive I dont even touch it during compiling I let it do it’s thing and Hammer goes non responsive

That’s normal. However, if it takes more than 5-10 (Possibly 20 if its hugely detailed, thinking the new Evocity map), then you’ve got issues with your optimisation.

It left it for like 3 hours and it crashed >.< What could I do to better optimize my map?