Error Remover?

I honestly had enough of those, if i spawn something that has an ERROR, i can’t delete it somehow, i recently loaded a save from another person (Toybox) and theres an ERROR for example. Is there a way to delete it? Clean Up User addon for that maybe? Thanks in advance.

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You need to copypaste a simple lua script from the thread for it to remove errors

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lua_showerrors = CreateConVar("lua_showerrors", 1)
hook.Add("LuaError", "LE", function(err) --Return anything other than nil to stop the standard error display
    local var = lua_showerrors:GetInt()
    if (var == 0) then
        return false
    elseif (var == 1)
        return false
end )

This to autorun

I may be wrong, but I think he was referring to the red ERROR sign that is created when a missing model is spawned?

If so, I’m pretty sure you could do something like this:
concommand.Add(“removeerrors”, function(ply, command, args)
for k,v in pairs(ents.FindByModel(“models/error.mdl”)) do
if ValidEntity(v) then
[/lua](untested, but pretty sure it’ll work. Place it in a server side file (lua/autorun/server) and then run “removeerrors”)

You can delete the error its just the error model has a tiny hit box. You have to aim right at the bottom in the middle and you can remove it that way. But what jimbodude said will also remove all the error signs.

Use this
Goes in
[lua]hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnEffect”, “RefusepropErrspawn”, function(ply,effect)
return effect != “models/error.mdl” // Don’t spawn the error