Error Spam with a Deagle

Every time I see the world model for the CS:S Desert Eagle, I get spammed this error rapidly.

Error Vertex File for ‘weapons\w_pist_reagle.mdl’ checksum 546133052 should be 574632322

I have tried to verify my Gmod cache about 5 times (each time 1 file comes up as corrupt). Also tried verifying my CS:S cache but no files come up as corrupt. Any suggestions?

It says reagle or deagle? If it says reagle, there’s a custom model interfering with your shit. If it’s deagle, then delete your Garry’s Mod folder, turn off Steam Cloud and reinstall.

It is definitely reagle. I had all my addons disabled and it’s still happening though. Would a downloaded file interfere?

Where is this error occurring? In single player or on a server?

Both. First noticed on my TTT server. I went into SP and spawned all CS:S weapon world models and narrowed it down to the Deagle.

Is it happening to everyone on your server or just you?

Just me for now.

Do what I said in my earlier post.

Yeah looks like that worked. Was trying to avoid deleting the whole damn thing but gotta do what you have to do.