Error stopping me from completing map.

Alright, I finally completed my first map and compiled it, but when I’m ingame, all the props I placed are errors. And in the console, i get this error for each prop.

“Detail prop model models/cliffs/rocks_large01_veg.mdl is using vertex-lit materials!
It must use unlit materials!”

I’m pretty new to mapping so I’ve never seen this before. Any help please?

Using prop_detail?
If yes then don’t. It fucked up my shit too.

Looking at the error, I would say that the texture for the model is being lit up by vrad or something.

But I’m not a very good mapper, and I’ve never seen that type of error either. Maybe someone with more experience will know.

Damnit! yeah that’s what I’ve been using for the tree’s and rocks.:sigh: better get to work changing every prop into prop_static.

For ease

go to Map>Entity Report, and hold Ctrl Shift down all the prop details.