Error, TF2 Import Tool + DMX with 2 parts and facial flexes

I made a hat for Team Fortress 2 a few months ago. It had a mustache which required facial flexes to look right. I made the facial flexes, then found out that the TF2 Import Tools didn’t seem to support facial flexes. The project went to sleep until today.
Today, I looked at the workshop and saw a lot of Halloween hats with facial flexes and gold stars. I Googled how to make this work, and I found out here that the way to do that is to export a DMX with shapekeys from Blender. After a few minor adjustments in Blender, I got this to work.

Here’s the problem: When I try to load the DMX in the TF2 Import Tool, it says “COULDN’T LOAD: [UNKNOWN]”. I suspect that the problem may have something to do with the fact that I actually have two materials in use here, one paintable and the other translucent. In Blender, I have two objects, each with a different material, grouped together. This worked fine with an SMD, but with the SMD I used the Dopesheet to export the facial flexes to a VTA. Here, I named the shapekeys, and Blender is telling me that I have 82 facial flexes before I export, which is twice as many as there should be. However, I tried deleting the translucent object and exporting that, and I still got the same error in the Import Tool.

I’d like to know what my problem is here and how I can fix it.

In case it’s useful, here is the Blender file.

Last time I did it - like yesterday - , Blender perfectly exports and import DMX files with shapekeys. Make sure you have the latest Blender and the latest SMD Tools.

Thanks, it turns out that I actually had neither the latest Blender nor the latest SMD Tools. That was a stupid mistake on my part.