ERROR: Too many flexed verts, any way to fix?

While trying to recompile a model recently, I wound up getting this weird error: ERROR: Too many flexed verts 10402 (10000)

The first time I ran in to this was with a pony model, the second was with an Amy rose model. both times I concluded it was something with the VTA files.

If any one could help, please let me know.

Also If i need more info, please tell me.

You’re flexing to many vertices obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Either move less of them across the VTA or use a lower poly mesh.

Seems to me you’re using a turbosmoothed model or something.

Well heres the thing, on the pony model I have to original source files, but the reference model was corrupted and I had to get it instead from decompiling the released version.

I don’t know why the source VTA files wouldn’t work with the decompiled reference model

Different vert index order. So it’s pushing bigger potential clusters.