"ERROR: too many indices in source: "trom.smd"" When....there aren't

I’m making a model of a brass instrument. It has only two joints.
It’s 10k verts, 20k edges, 10k faces, 20k tris, and 10k uv.
When I compile it it says “ERROR: too many indices in source: “trom.smd””.
Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? The problem is, that: 1. I’ve previously compiled a 4x more detailed model and it came out just fine; 2. It matches the “source requirements” (it they actually exist, look point 1.) and… 3. When I tried to compile the beta (unscaled) model…it turned out fine as well.
The funny thing is also that the smd of the model mentioned in point 1. despite the details only had 33mb while this one has 75.

What could be the issue? I’m seriously running out of ideas…

I’ve encountered this error before as well while compiling the Brute from Mass Effect 3. I solved the issue both by splitting the model into four chunks and using a newer version of studiomdl to compile.
If you aren’t already, I strongly recommend compiling with the studiomdl under sourcesdk\bin\source2009\bin.

I’m compiling under the studiomdl found inside the Soruce Filmmaker folder.

Then try splitting the model into parts and compiling that way, and try to divide complex areas in particular. And please, don’t say “that shouldn’t be necessary” or anything because we’re working with the Source Engine. :v:
It does some weird shit sometimes for reasons that just… don’t seem to exist.

The Source Filmmaker compiler does the model division automatically.

That’s how it manages to handle such high poly limits.

If you try to compile a sufficiently high-poly model with it, you’ll see it print a message stating something along the lines of “mesh has too many verts, splitting into multiple models…”

That being said, I have no idea about this error. Try compiling on an older version of studiomdl, like the OB engine? :v:

Indexed vertices are not the same as a regular vertex. A 12 tri cube with 8 vertices can have as many as 54 indexed vertices (EDIT: 54’s too much, forgot that not all points will be split 6 times), depending on smoothing groups, UV splits, etc. Every time you change the smoothing group between verts, you double that vertex in the index. Same goes for UV splits.

Source has a default max of 65536 indexed verts. If you go over that, you get that error. Only ways around are to cut down on the smoothing groups, make larger UV islands, remove verts altogether, or compile as multiple models.

It worked. Splitting the model into parts worked well. Thanks.
Apparently the issue was the fact that model form 1. was complex in total, but it was build out of tons of smaller models. Here tho i had two of them from which one was really complex.
Thanks a lot everybody!