Error using "self.Owner()" in sents

I get an lua error when im trying to run self.Owner in a sent.
Sorry for lack of info, ask for more.


Im using it in a “ENT:TriggerInput(iname, value)” function


It would be great if you could post the error and the code.

Okey, ill do it later today.

Is it self:GetOwner() you’re looking for?

Does that get who spawned the sent?


Yes, i looked at gmod wiki before posting thread.

self.Owner is only available in SWEPs, as it represents their holder. For a SENT, do what MegaJohnny said, and use self:GetOwner. However, that will only work if the owner has been set on that entity. I believe that when you spawn an entity via the spawn menu, it will automatically set the owner for you.