ERROR verifying steam account id

Who else is having this problem i was going into cs:s i went into a server and it goes error verifying steam account id? and then i say ok i go to try another server does the same thing and then i go to try garrys mod 10 and i get the same thing! HOW can you fix it! i have one picture.

It means:
Go away and restart Steam you’re having problems.

Try deleting clientregistry.blob

I have restarted steam i left it off for like 3 hours came back same thing happened.

Where is it?

Also do what is in #3.

The third post?

Also i’m not a moron i won’t delete files out of steam folders unless i know what i’m doing you will have to have some kind of proof that that will fix it.

Of course not.

NEVER MIND i found proof

Sigh. People always get defensive. I mean come on, its dot BLOB. It must be important.

I had this problem a while ago. Re-installing Steam fixed it.

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I’d also recommend deleting the clientregistry.blob file (make sure that Steam is closed first & that you know your username and password).

Strange… mine says “Error: Your muscles are way too big, sexycount.dll overflow”

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Actually I have a suggestion. If you get really frustrated and all other solutions fail, apart from re-installing steam, if you’re on XP you can try making a new user account and using that. I had similar errors and that seemed to do the trick for me. It’s only slightly better than re-installing Steam… and it really depends on the user.

Yolk that’s a horrible idea. Than you have to worry about administrator problems. Just delete the clientregistry.blob. It’s that EASY