Error Vertex File for 'Kleiner.mdl' checksum *Numbers* should be *Numbers*

It was a while since I played GMod and when I started it up yesterday I noticed that some players didn’t have models. And in specific, they were either using the Kleiner model or the Alyx model.
Now, when I check the console I can see that it is getting spammed with “Error Vertex File for ‘Modelname’ checksum Numbers should be Numbers

I have verified cache of HL2, Ep1 and Ep2. And I have reinstalled GMod.
I want to know if there is any solution for this that isn’t circulating around uninstalling HL2.
I have Googled upon this problem but I haven’t found anything that works.
Please help.

(User was permabanned for this post ("I thought hezzy extended your ban." - chris0132))

Did you overwrite one of those mdls?

also these models where there, you just couldn’t see them.

I can spawn them as ragdolls and NPC’s, so I suppose so.

But, no. I didn’t overwrite anything.

Please, anyone?

I fixed the problem, I removed some files in the models folder.

which files exactly cuz i have the same problem

Most likely the ones that are showing up in the error and I don’t know the rules, but this was a pretty old thread, and (unrelated) mod, that was a retarded reason to ban, if you thought hezzy extended, why don’t you ask someone who knows for sure if he extended? (and if you know for sure then please ignore my comment relating to the subject)

Edit: Meaning everything related to the problem, not just the .mdl itself. By the way I have this problem too at one house but when I finish watching bleach I’ll check to see if I can get it to work.