Error when calling Tabmenu - Help me D:

Yet another question.

After the update Garry just rolled out my gamemode ceases to function properly, this time it involves the tab menu. When I try and open the tab menu I simply get this error…

gui.Create: Error when calling 'aura_Menu':Init ([openaura\gamemode\openaura\derma\cl_menu.lua:107] attempt to index local 'panel' (a nil value))

Here is the snippet of code I am having trouble with…

			if ([v.panel] ) then
				panel =[v.panel].panel;
				panel = vgui.Create(v.panel, self);
				panel:SetSize(, panel:GetTall() );
				panel:SetPos(0, 0);

if anybody could help it would save my life, I have fixed a similar problem before but I can’t get around this and they always say, the best way to learn is to ask questions!

Thank you in advance :smiley: