Error when compiling Maps.

Only recently, and on only this map, has this error popped up when I press F9 and begin to compile:

System cannot find file specified

The file specified id a .bsp, which I thought was created when the map compiles.

What is going on?

Have you used a .vmf name with a space in it? Use underscores instead.

The map is saved as “Snowfields” but without the parenthesees.

When all fails, copy all of your stuff to a new .vmf file, rename it and try something else.

Post the compile log.

Is there anything credential in the compile log I don’t want public?

Only your credit card number and street address.

Haha funny…


Brush 282: FloatPlane: bad normal
Side 0

This have something maybe to do with it?

I got this error recently, I just opened the .vmf then saved it under a different name. That fixed it. I don’t know if it works all the time though.

Well, Its original save name was Snow
Then it gave me the error and I resaved as Snowfields.
Still had error.

If you get the error message “System cannot find file specified” then this means that there is a LEAK in your map. Whether it is brush, displacement or a func_detail. Whenever I get that message It’s because I have a brush thats got too many sides and if i delete it, the map generally works normally.

Edit: and REMEMBER if you use a cubemap in your map and re-name the map, replace the cubemaps for each time you re-name it.

Leaks don’t cause that as far as I know of.

Just save the .vmf as a different name and it should work, if not post the compile log.

This error message is actually just a generic “sorry mate I couldn’t make a .bsp” from the compile tools, it can be caused by an awful lot of things. The compile log reveals the problem usually. In this case it is the invalid brush. Try deleting it or using alt+p error checker to try and get hammer to fix it.

Oh got it guys, I simply exited, then re-entered Hammer.
It told me to delete two brushs, I accepted, and it compiled properly when I tried.