Error when joining a server and many more

Whenever i try to join Winservar’s Zombified World servers I always get an error where my scoreboard screws up. On there server it just makes half the screen black -_- but what makes it annoying is it goes to other servers ill get on another server say a build and when i check the scoreboard it will appear as normal but every like 5 seconds it will pop up for have a second and its just really annoying now i tried asking for help on there community forum but I got no luck. I thought this was a much bigger problem once i saw it stuck with me onto other servers as well. So if there is a way to delete the error or correct it so it does not do this please help.

Edit forgot error codes

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardHide’ Failed: ZombifiedWorld/gamemode/client/cl_tabmenu.lua:711: attempt to index upvalue ‘ScoreBoardForm’ (a nil value)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘ScoreboardShow’ Failed: ZombifiedWorld/gamemode/client/cl_tabmenu.lua:627: attempt to index upvalue ‘ScoreBoardForm’ (a nil value)

BUMP: Still need help

Hmm either nobody is reading my post or doesnt know what is happening

No idea what is happening. With the lua viruses going around you don’t know what could happen. Track down those 2 lua files and see if there is anything wrong with them.

I couldnt find those Lua files… God this is worse than finding the errors in my lua files for WoW

Bump still bored

I don’t really know to be honest, I get errors like that sometimes but it goes away after awhile.