Error when launching Rust experimental branch in Linux.

I understand the experimental branch is far from stable, and the game is only in alpha, but I feel all bugs should still be reported, so here it is. Steam error when launching Rust (experimental):

If you need any additional information, such as hardware or software, please let me know and I’ll add it to the thread.

If only you’d scrolled down the first page of threads of this exact subforum just a little bit, you’d have found this thread and this post on the last page. Then you wouldn’t have needed to create a new thread and bump another one complaining about a problem that’s already been solved.

Didn’t even need to use search to find the Linux experimental build thread. Come on, man.

I’ll admit, I didn’t search for the topic. I visited the thread, and after about five minutes of tinkering, I was able to find the solution. Just had to rename the executable file “rust” to “rust.x86”. Thank you for the link.