Error When Opening .DDS With VTFEdit

Let me elaborate a little, I can open SOME .dds files (ones imported from frames captured with 3D Ripper work fine) but not ones that were exported from Killing Floor SDK.

It gets even weirder when I used to be able to import .dds files from Killing Floor. Hell, I still have some, and I still can’t open them.

Specifically, the error message just says ‘Error loading image’.

I didn’t update any of the programs, and even if I had updated the KF SDK, that still doesn’t explain why I can’t open files that I had before updating.

Can anyone help me out?

Maybe it’s corrupted? Have you tried opening it up in another image program such as PS?

That actually kind of worked. What I had to do was open the file up in PDN, then save it as a .dds again. Weird.