Error when run boombox

When i run boombox i see red errors.( i have dlc)

C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Audio/Public/AudioSource.cpp(2134) : Error executing m_dryGroup->getWaveData(samples, numSamples, channelOffset) (An invalid parameter was passed to this function. )

i reinstalled the game and checked rust’s files in steam but it doesnt help me.

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I’m getting the same error without using a boombox. Game is unplayable with red letters taking up half the screen and reinstallation does nothing to solve it.

i was wrong. Red error appears when i use laser light.

I’ve been getting the same error. I’ve tested a bunch of stuff and it seems to happen when lasers and dance floors are recieving an audio in from a boombox or passthrough other audio items, but not when they recieve a power in directly from a power source. I’ve also had this error occur out in the world with nothing around apart from 1 other player who was not using a portable boombox.

huh so i am not the only one with this error but i am also supprised that this is the only post i found about this error

I have the same Problem too

Rust reinstalled, no improvement. The problem came with the Voice Probs DLC