Error when starting GMod

Hello When I try to start up gmod it gets to the menu and it says an error.

I dont know the error but if it happens again I will post here.

Thanks, if you can help that is .

Maybe you should have waited until you did have the error again before posting?

Well anyway, post your system specs while you wait.

I Edited it after.

ah… I hope it all works out?

But if it happens again just re-install gmod.

Plz help every time i open gmod it will open fine but it will say creating render files i have been there for a while and it wont work… .but the thing is i can still hear the buttons in the game sound… So like when ur cursor goes over a button it will make a noise well same with mine its like its stuck on that render file thing someone help

Get a Source game.

yeah l did have this problem too but fixed it
do this on your own risk :go to: garrys_ mod_ 10/platform… then delete steam folder
and when you start the game you won´t see main menu(single player game and other options) so you have to navigate and click every where in da screen. to start single player game click below of bridge.
everything else will work just better do a back up file before deleting any folder

im sorry about my english because i live in finland and im only 11 years old

You also pirated Gmod, looking at that folder structure.