Error while attempting to add hitboxes to an SNPC

Entity:SetModelScale( Vector scale )
for _, ply in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
 ply:SetModelScale(Vector(500.000, 250.000, 600.000))

This was a hitbox based around an entire model… i’m currently working on a pack of SNPCs with vrej (DPC) and i tried to create a hitbox over the model of a giant spider…
At the moment, i have calculated the height, width and lengh of the spider model and have placed into the model collision range.
I have tested out the SNPC afterwards, but it seems to have failed, it won’t spawn which can only mean that we have done something wrong with the added code…
I know having a single hitbox around one SNPC sounds a little lazy, but it’s in beta so that is’nt such a problem at the moment…
If you can tell me exactly what we’ve done wrong, it’d be appreciated!

Is that first line meant to be there? (Entity:SetModelScale( Vector scale ))

From what i can tell… i mean, i can’t be definate but that’s how it came across to me

Comment it out then try.

It seems the error was caused due to a different hook… but that aside, the hitbox is this random box in the spider’s midsection, so it seems the code was useless… unless there is an alternative…

SetModelScale takes 0-1, Vector(0-1, 0-1, 0-1)

According to vrej (the tester) that did not work… maybe it was the wrong hook from the start… thanks anyway.