Error While Compiling a Map!

I’ve been working on a map for some time now but recently, when I tried to compile it, I got some strange error messages and the compile process crashed. I can’t figure out how to fix it and Google isn’t helping my cause.

Here is the error:

Has anyone encountered this issue before and, if so, do you know how it’s caused or fixed?

Thanks in advance.

I have that error but it doesn’t seem to effect anything.

Try loading the point file through alt + p and see what comes up.

His issue isn’t a leak, nor is it a critical one that will show up in the Alt+p menu.

I honestly have no clue what that error is or what it affects (seemingly nothing), but it has shown up in a few of my maps randomly.

The closest to a description I’ve seen is on the interlopers error checker:

Since the error isn’t apparently critical…why can’t i compile my map, let me post my complete compile log maybe that will help :smiley:

Let me know what u guys think…

Try shortening the name?

I doubt that would do anything.

Does anyone have any idea? Im open to all suggestions… :smiley: Please help me out, this map took my too long to make to redo

Isn’t that the error you get when ghost brushes appear on the map. Brushes that have no area and are not viewable in hammer, yet appear in game as brushes that have no collision and are usually very thin. Usually that is caused by corrupt brushes.

If the map ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

It doesn’t compile, i would consider that broken…

They only seem to crop up in my map in relation to displacements, and I don’t have any ghost brushes. Those errors also don’t stop me compiling.

I suggest going through your map and raising the lightmap scale on all faces with constant lighting across them.

Brush 76311: bounds out of range
Brush 76311: bounds out of range
maybe this

Yes that will be it!

Go to (either View or Tools) and click to go to brush in the box put in that number (76311) If it doesn’t take you anywhere or gives an error zoom all the way out and pan around (in grid view) and see if you can see anything that’s out of the grid or just touching the edge of the grid.

Alright, i fixed the problem i was having by going back to an earlier version and deleting that weird brush…Now it fully compiles and it launches perfectly.

After a certain point (a day or two later)…I was working on the map, and i decided to compile the map again, it compiled fine, it worked when in game…but all the sudden when i get ingame, in certain areas of the map, i could see through all the walls and the floor, and see stuff on the other side of the map…This only happened when the player is in certain random areas of the map facing a general direction (towards the middle of the map in most cases)…If anyone knows whats causing it, help me out. Also, bellow i put the error i get while in-game (from the console), keep in mind this game is Day of Defeat: Source.

I checked everywhere in google, asked all my friends, still no results…can someone please get back to me? Just knowing what those errors mean would be a great help…the missing texture ones… :smiley: incase it isn’t fixed yet, just put your compile log in there and you’re good to go.

I think hammer need to be heavily re-made and re-checked to solve all these annoying problems. But that’s Irrelevant

Anyone got any other solutions, i tried the interlopers thing, but it only displayed that i have a leak in my map, but the map has worked fine with that leak :S HIT ME UP <3