[ERROR] Why am I getting this error?

Timer Error: [lua\includes\extensions\player_auth.lua:29] attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value)

I’m in DarkRP. Everytime I change my job I get this error. Why is this happening?

Go into the file and look for line 29, give us that line and the code around it.

Edit: I don’t even know what file this is, I go to it and nothing is there.

It happens everytime the payday happens in my DarkRP.


if there is no lua\includes\extensions\player_auth.lua then it’s in the garrysmod_content.gcf and can only be accessed via GCFScape or similar tools.

If it’s in a .gcf then it must be a clientsided error. Try verifying your game integrity and if that doesn’t work try defragging the game.

Just look at the payday thread…

Do what I said, it will be fixed.