Error with DarkRP - Please Help

I am running the latest version of DarkRP through svn, But when players connect to the server the Scoreboard shows all jobs as yellow un-named jobs. Then they cant open the DarkRP menu. Nobody can open the spawn menu either.

I have been looking for a way to fix this for a long time now, I have been told that it may be the “Lua Cache File” or an incorrect “Datastream”.

Many Thanks to anyone able to help

it seems like the lua chache is not getting to the clients if you are using fast dl make sure it is configgured correctly and the cache files are also on the fast dl also these must be updated whenever there is a change to the server. If you do not want this trouble disable your fast download and run a steam update and it should be fine.

i have it to, i do a fastdl sync and restarting the server and it is gone.
Me by this helps

There is a error in your shared.lua or addentities.lua, it may not seem it but there is if you look hard enough.

**Thank you So much for the advice!! My server is tip-top again mate :D !!**

Thanks aswell, But I aint a newbie to the whole DarkRP scripting I do not make errors with it, its too easy xD