Error with fa:s 2 weapons on Dark RP server.

I as the server owner can see the guns fine but no one else can see the guns they are just errors. In the console i get these errors not sure if they are related though.

The responsibility for this error lies with (the authors of) one (or more) of these files:

  1. [C] on line -1

  2. gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/simplerr.lua on line 412

  3. gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/fn.lua on line 80

  4. gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/modificationloader.lua on line 119

  5. gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/modificationloader.lua on line 127

  6. addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua on line 183
    ------- End of Simplerr error -------

  7. error - [C]:-1

  8. unknown - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/simplerr.lua:462

  9. doInclude - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/fn.lua:80

  10. loadCustomDarkRPItems - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/modificationloader.lua:119

  11. fn - gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/modificationloader.lua:127

  12. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:183

FA:S 2 weapons aren’t suppoeted by the developer anymore (as far as I know), so you won’t have any luck getting him to fix it for you.
Your options are:

  1. Use a different weapons pack.
  2. Ask someone to fix the code, if they are willing to do so.
  3. Learn to code Lua and fix it yourself.

Well from what I can tell, it is something to deal with the modification loader.
Did you modify anything inside darkrp or the darkrpmodification addon?

no havent touched it personally but some of my addons i had previously may have

Did you setup fastdl correctly?. Have someone subscribe to fas and then join your server.

i am subscribed to it and it works fine so i guess it is a fastdl problem but i dont know how to fix it

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also i was just told i need to do this "Yes you have to access the gmod core files throuh your sb databse and reboot the gmod official FA:S2 lua files with the file manipulation console.