error with garrys mod.

Hi i am using Windows Vista Home Basic. Every time i try to launch Garrys Mod
it gives me a error saying hl2.exe sopped working, but i dont have the problem with Windows 7 and Windows Vista Ultimate. I made conclusion that garrys mod does not support windows Vista Home Basic, but i need facts and a solution,so that i can enjoy playing garrys mod online with no problems or errors
Tank you for reading and please respond if you have a solution why it happened or a answer.

Read the thread above you :3

Gmod doesn’t support any OS’s.

It’s the OS that supports Gmod.

And Vista supports Gmod. Get of the bandwagon.

And we really need your system specs to be able to try and solve your problem.



To your advanced launch parameters (No, you don’t need to specify a number)

I’d like to add that you posted this in the wrong section. Although there aren’t any rules, stuff like sections is kind of expected to be followed, so be careful next time you post. Cheers!