Error with sh_networking

Hi people. Perhaps you’re already aware of this, but for some reason I openned GMod today, and when I start a game my console starts spamming an error message:

lua/singularity/core/engine/sh_networking.lua:13: attempt to serialize structure with cyclic reference

This wasn’t happening before, and I didn’t make any changes or installed any mods after my last session, so I guess this has something to do with the latest update. Is this a known bug, or just Garry changing stuff that we need to update in our mods?

This means that the code is trying to call util.TableToJSON on a table that contains itself. Is it your code?

Amm, no, I just started GMod and the console started spamming that. Perhaps one of my many suscribed mods is causing it? I thought it could be related to the Update because someone here said he had the same problem:


Find whatever mod/addon/script which is in this directory and update it, or remove it until it is updated.

I got it. It was Warmelons: Singularity. Thanks for the answers.