Since this morning I get the following error when I try to start Rust.

Rust Launcher error: LoadingError - EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Patch Protection has been disabled.

Funny thing is none of my settings should have changed since yesterday.
Did no updates, no downloads or new programs installed.

If other information is needed tell me what and I will try to post it.

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try validating the cache in steam


Which Windows version do you have? Could you screenshot the ‘winver’ window?

Could you add me in Steam for troubleshooting this?


Unfortunately validating the cache didn’t solve my problem.

My firewall and antivirus shouldn’t be the problem either because I did shut them both down to see if they where the problem.
After the test run they where reactivated off course.

So no more rust for me at the moment.

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Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1 (build 7601: service pack 1)

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And for some daft reason steam has limited my account. I need to work that out before I can send friendship requests.

Got 80+ games on the account been on steam for several years, bought some games last month.

But for some reason they think my account might be Malicious. Nice.

Auch. Would it help if I’d try to add you instead?

You can if you want to.

But the problem was solved. Apparently a windows update was missing.
Did a check if all possible updates where done and windows told me 1 was missing.
Did the update and everything works again.
Damn Bill Gates.

Solved the problem 5 minutes ago.
tried almost everything, reinstalling, checking the cache, checking steam for updates, updating firewall, antivirus, windows, etc…

But in the end problem solved.
Thank you guys for thinking with me. Thanks to both of you I had some idea where to look.

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restart pc