im trying to get onto Gmod but when i try and get on it displays a message.

“unable to load c:\program files\valve\steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\bin\filesystem_steam.dll”

it was working yesterday but i noticed there was an update when i went on it. can anyone help?

I think it’s the whole server

cant you get on it either?

Not at all

I have the exact same problem!

It’s most likely a broken update, we just have to wait for it to be fixed…:geno:

My bet is that the latest TF2 patch broke it…

Wont be long however that a patch will be delivered, fixing it!

it happened 2 me to… it needs to get fixed

Are you on a Mac Like I am? :smiley:

im still getting this error :frowning:

mee too

that happen to me its maybe because of the TF2 becoming free

Dude, It already got fixed.

I need help because I want to download from the table throws me log in to download I have entered my username and password but the account does not emit That seem to own GMod.If it does - it’s set to private, please make it public for this process and try again. even though my private becomes the private to the two Please Help!! :crying::smith: