hello i have buyed Gmod it was cool but at one weapon commes the ammo as error out why is that so?

sry for my bad english my language is german

Even though I do understand that English is not your first language, It is somewhat hard for me to understand what the problem is.

Also, the help & support forums are Here

by this weapon comes when you shot a error and the error was the ammo Link:

do you mean when you fire the weapon an error appears? it is most likely because the shell is from CS:S which you may not own.

and how do I get the shell???

Buy the game.

By purchasing Counter-Strike Source from the Steam Store.
EDIT: dammit


you may be able to just grab it from the GCF’s, but its Counter-Strike, so im not sure whether you would put it in hl2 or garrysmod folder. you could then be able to solve your problem without buying the game for a simple shell model. you should be able to find your GCF’s at your username folder here:

Program files/steam/steamapps/

Then there should be a few .gcf files. if you cannot open them you’ll need GCFScape.

Erm… Warez bud.

Have fun being banned…

And you might as well buy the game. Its awesome and a lot of garrysmod content is CSS

He’s saying that he should go and do it with his OWN gcf files, though if he had them they’d probably load anyway so its somewhat pointless.

Yeah, I dont think he was talking about his own. If he allready had them then the gun would’nt error.

ok thanks for so fast answers

nope, i have the counter strike GCF’s so i meant if you had them you could see if grabbing the shell model would have helped.

i have the CSS GCF’s even though i dont own it - it installed itself shortly after getting source SDK for some reason. so i thought you would be able to examine them. i didn’t mean for warez - only as a temporary fix until they decide to buy CSS. Some SWEPS come with the models sometimes, though. if you get what i mean, although i will be buying CSS soon anyway so that problem will be solved. Altough i reccomend buying CSS to be honest, since its a great game and platform for modding and mapping.