When ever I play some maps like GMod Tower, EvoCity, and most other downloaded maps I see red Error Messages that are displayed over the prop/item thats supposed to be shown, and then on some textures instead of displaying them it turns to a purple and black checkerboard texture. Is this beacuse I just have HL2 and GMod and I’m missing textures from other valve games, so then would I need to get another game with those textures, or can I just download them, or is it something different than what I’m talking about?

Those are caused by not having the models (causes ERRORs) and not having materials (purple and black).

Getting Episode 2 and Counter Strike: Source will get most of models/materials you’ll need.

You can’t legally get the models/textures/materials without buying the games.

Where can I “legally” get these? lol

buying the games

lol sorry I had miss-read you I thought you said “you can”, I really need to get some sleep lol…

…more money to spend, and more hard drive space to waste(rhyme?)…