Errors and Errors on startup

So i basically just got this game after being curious and decided to try it out. I am aware of its alpha state and i wouldn’t mind digging around the internet to fix a small problem here and there to start playing (as in GTA IV) but this is unplayable, i keep crashing straight to desktop, freezing and getting this error:

and if i manage to launch it from the RustClient.exe i can get inside but then get the EAC Disconnect error so that’s useless, i have looked at many solutions that have not helped, reinstalled the EAC thing with both steam and without steam on and even took my headset out as that was a fix for some people but nope and i verified the integrity of the cache to see if it might pull it off but again, no. Launching this game from the steam client gives me either this or just straight CTD. Its like a leaking boat, trying to stop one hole causes another to appear.

Additionally i used to get the Error:32 one but this is overtaken by app error i have just posted the image of, might come to bite me back once something is fixed

I really want to play this game and i am very frustrated if i cannot even play this,i know this is alpha and alot of stuff is missing but ATLEAST let me play guys…

My Specs if they matter
Intel i5 2.1 GHZ ~
Nvidia GeForce GT 740M 2GB D
and near a terabyte of HDD
and im on windows 8
(my drivers are all fine)

edit: got this error aswell (they dont seem to stop, garry PLEASE)