Errors and Purple Checkers

I am having a lot of errors in Garry’s Mod, because no matter what I do, there are still lots of errors and checkers. Yes, some errors may be due do addons I don’t have, but it looks like i’m missing textures. I’ve reinstalled Gmod, but there still there. I would upload a screenshot but for some reason imageshack and photobucket don’t like the file.

You are missing textures.

yes, but how do I get them back? I reinstalled Gmod already.

You are missing certain content, could be anywhere between an addon or to a missing game (such as EP2)

ok, but I’ve played it before just fine. It’s not just one gamemode/ server that I have trouble with. It’s everything.

What map is it?


rp_downtown_v2 uses CS:S content. If you don’t have CS:S, you should definitely go get it; nowadays, most servers and maps use the content from this game.

I have it.

Do you have it installed?


Try cleaning GMod.

I can’t. I get an error saying it’s “right protected or in use”. Gmod isn’t running, neither is steam.
Any ideas?

Right click on the folder>Properties>General>Un-tick “Read-Only”

every time I untick it, it goes back for some reason.

In Gmod options have “CS:S Content” enabled.

It was off, now I turned it on. This is still what it looks like.
Notice there is no sky, just a reflection of the ground that flashes.

you might not have installed the models and materials correctly, is it just in this map? you may need to reinstall the map

its not the map, it’s every map Except the default ones.

try reinstalling css sometimes gmod forgets that its on the pc and reinstalling it make’s it remember or maybe its other games on your pc it thinks it dosn’t have.