Errors, Errors EVERYWHERE!

So… a couple o’ days ago, i bought Garry’s mod. I really like the game, only. There are some problems. When ever I join a server, it says ‘Missing map ///’ So i only can join like 5 servers, i also see ERRORS everywhere. How can i make this stop?

…Download the maps for the server and buy CSS

It won’t download the map.

You can download the maps you need outside the game and just put them into the maps folder manually so you can join those servers. But as acommentator said, buy css. You will need it for the most servers if you don’t want to see errors everywhere.

Okay, and where can i download these maps?


Why don’t you just re-download Garry’s Mod and then validate the cache.

Should fix it also make sure that you have the games mounted before you play.

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