So Im on a mac. When the Steam Username errors happened yesterday I decided to delete everything STEAM, and reinstalled. The next day after my attempt failed, the update came out. I got on and I had errors in servers, Dark RP, Sandbox, Etc… I downloaded my other games, CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, Portal 2, Killing Floor, Day of Defeat. I then got back on and it still had errors. I deleted local content didn’t work, also restarted steam 2 or 3 times didn’t work. What should I do? At one point before I deleted all the stuff I had Wiremod, now I don’t. I have also noticed that some of my player models have very bad graphics, (Any of the army guys really Riot, Suburban.)

Here are some links to pictures of these errors:


15 hours later…

Go to the menu and click in the controller button, that is close to the language flag. Check the boxes of the games that are giving you errors.