Errors in place of bullets?

It wasnt like this before, but when i re-installed garry’s mod the bullets that alot of the SWEPS i use are replaced by the notorious ERROR instead… Which bugs me because my only other choice is to ignore it. If anyone here is kind enough to give me advice on what to do, or how to fix it, i would be greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Did you remember to put your addons into the new addons folder?

Yeah i did. I always do.

Do you have CS:S?

Edit: Because my IRL friend doesn’t and shells are an error for him.

wait… you have Friends

Re-download and re-install the sweps. The errors could only mean one thing, that you have installed the sweps incorrectly.

Unless you have uninstalled css or something. If so, that could be the problem.

Thanks for the the help guys, yeah i found out from a friend (yes, friends do exist in the outside world…and yes i do have some…amazingly) that i needed CS:S…so i went out and bought it. Now alot of textures and even the bullets work…So thanks everyone who posted their responses.