Errors or glitches? Help please!

Hello there,

I want to tell something about G-Mod, when i play the game with single player mode, i can’t use my physigun and other weapon, even switching to another weapons!
I tried to fix this by restarting my G-Mod but it’s happens again, i can’t do anything in G-Mod because i can’t click something but if i click something at the spawn menu it’s working, but why while in game i can’t click something like grabbing a melon with the physigun. I hope you can fix this problem because this problem are fatal to the G-mod players, maybe one of you know how to fix this problem, so i need your help right now.


  • Can’t use the physigun
  • Can’t use another weapons
  • Can’t switch to another weap
  • Can’t shoot

Help me, please…

Thank you

Did you edit anything in the launch options? Or did you add a gamemode to your gamemodes folder? Also make sure you have sandbox selected when starting your singleplayer. If it comes down to it just re-install your Garry’s Mod.

Put sbox_weapons 1 in console and then kill.