Errors pink crap and phx. Help please?

So this is the first time i’ve played gmod in awhile. I load up a map like evocity v2 or something and more than half the textures are pink an it’s full of error signs. I was under the impression that it uses phx does it not? So i download phx3 and place it in the addons folder. Guess what. Nothing changed.

Then i figured i just need something else so i find snv updater and made it download the whole list of mods in it in my addons folder. Now i have a whole bunch of mods and my load time is about 5 minutes but no matter what I do any map i download like evocity or downtown or whatever has 60% of models replaced with errors and pink textures.

Can somebody point me to that obvious checkbox i forgot to click please?

Do you have CS:S? And Episode 2? A lot of maps are requiring those now.

yeah i had the same prob you need cs source and ep2 to run that map cause i tried that in a rolplay server and i geuss the samething happend to you

I’ve got ep 2. For cs:s is there a prop pack I can download or do i really need to buy the game?

There are a few content packs scattered around the tubes, and you could easily just pirate the game and get arrested.

Just fucking buy it, it’s only like twenty dollars and it’s actually a pretty good standalone game if you can mind the other users.

No. Go buy the game.