Errors when compiling

Forget it.

Paste your qc… nobody knows what’s inside it or your folders.

In those folders there is a Snake_Model.dmx, Snake_Model.qc, and a Snake_Model_lod1
Only those.

The QC is:
// TODO: parts/dmx ?
// TODO: $surfaceprop is hardcoded
// TODO: Is .mdl extension required?

$upaxis Y
$surfaceprop “metal”
$modelname “player/items/engineer/0x02e8fcc9/snake_model/snake_model.mdl”
// TODO: Can fps 30 be removed?

$body body “snake_model.dmx”
$sequence idle “snake_model.dmx” fps 30

$collisionmodel “snake_model.dmx” {

// TODO: FIXME, switchvalue is just LOD * 6
// 2959 : itemtest.cpp

$lod 6
replacemodel “snake_model.dmx” “snake_model_lod1.dmx”

Well first of all, is your model in .dmx format, and is it in the same directory as the QC?

(also, I have no idea where you got that QC but it looks horrific)

That QC is the result of the Source SDK compile and I know, it looks like sh*t.

And yeah, they are in the same directory (Steam/SteamApps/username/sourcesdk_content/tf/models/player/items/engineer/0x02e8fcc9/snake_model) and as I said there are Snake_Model.dmx, Snake_Model.qc, and a Snake_Model_lod1.

I need another way for compiling or something?

The capital letters may be borking it.

Capital letters of the files’ names? sorry I made a mistake, they don’t have capital letters.

Spot the difference.

But then again, it probably doesn’t make a difference but you should try it anyway.

They are both written without capital letters, in both sides

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But really, I think the error occurs in Source SDK because I got all these files when compiling with it, the real error is that when compiling all files compile correctly EXCEPT the .mdl file which is the file I need actually.