So just got Gmod10 on sale and having fun so far but I have been having problems.
When I add new maps they are all screwed up with ERRORS (Literally) all over and everything is purple and black. Same thing happens when I add a weapon pack and such. I have the latest video drivers (Nvidia 9800m gs) and I have tried removing and reinstalling the maps as well as the weapon packs to where they need to go. No idea on how to fix this.

Some of the textures are messed up. It might be because you don’t own the game that they come from on your Steam account. What other games do you have besides Garry’s Mod?

I have the orange box as well as conterstrike (I don’t know witch version but it came when I activated an old activation code that belonged to my halflife 1 cd) Also some of the weapons do work but some the sound does not work for them. And the ones with the scope that I can zoom in with are black and purple squares.

You have Counter-Strike 1.6 if it came with HL1. The textures you’re missing are most likely from Counter-Strike: Source. If you can afford to buy it, I recommend getting it. A lot of maps use these textures.

OK Thanks, I will be getting shortly.


OK things seem to be working but after attempting to play one of the maps I downloaded it booted me right off. I have been trying to get it going again but it keeps telling me to try again later. So I decided to try and delete it and re download it but the problem now is that it wont delete it. I Also tried doing it this way but its saying that I need Special permission and denying me from deleting it.