Escape from city 17

Im going to make some comics, so i must know, do i have potential? Should i make some more?

Short prewiev of Escape from city 17

Well, ahem, that was over quickly.

IMHO you do have potential.
Also “We escaped from them”.

‘We escaped of them’ should be ‘We escaped from them’
‘Do you hear this?’ should be ‘Do you hear that?’
Other than those mistakes, your posing is relatively good. The blood splatters need to improve though. They look like someone failed at painting a flat wall.

Sorry, english is not my original language. I should improve it or just hire someone to re-read my work before posting.

Otherwise thanks :slight_smile:

get to da choppa choppa choppa

[sub][sub]i know it’s a common sound effect but sorry i just had to [/sub][/sub]

But there isnt arnie :confused:

You should get someone to proof-read your stuff. Other than that, some dodgy blood edits, and a very abrupt ending, it seems pretty good. Sort these things out and I think you’ll be able to make a pretty nifty comic.

That last frame

Good god my sides

Yeah, or you can just say “Sorry, my English sucks”.

You know, because there’s quite a lot of us of who’s native language isn’t English. But everyone doesn’t suck at it.

**Edit: **
How is that dumb? I wish when people used the dumb rating they’d be first forced to elaborate what exactly is dumb in what they’re rating.

quite dramatic ending

I’m still not sure if it was suppose to be serious or not

It is, it really is, I dont know why peoplpe rate it funny -.-

A couple (both with terrible grammar) taking refuge under a tunnel only soon to be shot dead by a passing chopper. And the last panel… :v: Sorry,man…seems pretty hilarious to me.

Damn but this is not all story in this comic. It just a little preview/scene. Something like that.

And what is so funny in last one? :C

It’s the pacing and the way that their arms and legs are outstretched in ridiculous positions. One second they’re getting gunned down by a helicopter, then their boneitis strikes and they’re flopping about in the water like landed fish. It’s just so abrupt and jarring.

Well,probably because you didn’t pose their lifeless corpses properly. Enhanced Citizen physics doesn’t help either. They look like they’re doing water yoga.