Escape from Limbo

Inspiration from Limbo [Independent Games]
Done in gm_flatgrass.

The title is only a coincidence, and I thought it was fitting :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool.

Love it Dinny!!!

Thank you for kind words and music. ^^

Awesome freaking job!

Poor little girl :saddowns:

Awesome! And it’s coming for PC now.
Your pic captured the right mood of the game.

That is pretty rad.

Limbo was such an awesome game.

I can’t wait it will come for PC.

Yep, they will plan for sale it in Steam, but I dont know the certain released date.

Wait, Limbo is coming to PC?

That’s awesome, man!

Holy shit this owns.

Dear god, your scenebuild. It’s just sex beyond level.

Brilliant pose.

Oh my I love this concept. Dinny you have a lot of talent.

And Faraon_ZzZ is a funny guy. He’s ratings never makes any sense.