Escape from Tarkov AK74 model?

Has anyone tried/managed to rip the AK 74 model ( with railed dustcover) from Escape from Tarkov at all?


they will not allow anylinks or stuff to be ripped from the game!

Really? This from the forum owners, or game devs? that’s a surprise considering all the ported content from elsewhere, no worries then, it looks a sweet weapon.

I ripped the Ak74Su and the Saiga from the game. You can find it on the Facepunch Models Ports/Hacks Thread. You can even download the AKS74U right now.
Ill port more in the future.

Can we get the RAW models for them for people that want to port them to another game?

That I cannot do I’m afraid. I used Ninja Ripper in order to rip it.