Escape from Tarkov Model Dump +2GB Size[A lot of weapon stuff and other things + mini tut.]

Here you will find any assets that are dumped from the game Escape from Tarkov on this section starting off with weapons while I work on everything else, however opening these models will require the work of the AssetBundleExtractor in order to open these models and extract their contents. Unless you want to be like me who spends $30 on DevX’s Unity Unpacker Tools, this is the most recommend alternative. I can’t unpack these through their bundle formats due to their being way too much and I just don’t have the time to go through all of them with my current schedule, but do not worry cause I made a slick tutorial of 9 photos showing you what to do for the people that have absolutely no idea what to do when opening. Anything else I dump will go here, cheers.

Escape from Tarkov All Weapon Assets 2GB Download Size(Including Sounds, Hands, Animations, Models, Textures):!XRcRCYIT!tgCdmpI6UOtVV2_52jl5Buy3LCGgYalsoBwKujQwRNs

(32bit)!TRZFHIyK!vG82BIaG0FRLYfzOnJhIEYMCyL9GDENKAUrTDieYAvU (64bit)!mVQFDTpY!nydtrVtVI3pij6B9JIouukZVrrAW4OBjesLYQGzA4vQ

Tutooral Below >>>
Open the Asset Folder you just downloaded____________________________Now open AssetBundleExtractor[/t] [t][/t]

Pick what you want to unpack_________________________________________Rename the unpacked bundle so it don’t get mixed up.
[t][/t] [t][/t]

Select yes to accept_____________________________________________Select the info button after it loads
[t][/t] [t][/t]

Look for the specific mesh to extract and press plugin__________________________Select Export to obj. and save it anywhere with your own name
[t][/t] [t][/t]

And you’re done.

I’ll take your comments and questions now if I’m still awake after this.

Thanks for everything Bro :wink:


**Need your help, only this one is broken but the others are good, my luck is trash as always :why:

is there a fix for the mesh above ?

Not that I’m aware of. I can’t help you there cause that’s probably just the developers fault on their end, I hadn’t tried opening it.

I used the 2.2 beta version and 2.1d fix and it’s the same thing only with this model !
If you have the time to Chek it, pls tell me that i’m not the only one who have this issue, thanks

I don’t really want to download 2GB for a few select weapons and View Hands. Hopefully it’s worth it

It contains all the weapons, attachments, weapon sounds, animations and hand models that are currently in the game so far.

It was 100% worth it.[/T][T][/T]


I’m going to be rigging each individual View Arm asset into 1 3DS Max Biped rig.

Any character models or static props there?

If needed I can include those.

That would be awesome, if they were rigged.

Anyone know if it’s safe to port stuff from this game? Last I heard the devs don’t want anyone porting stuff from this game, but that was way back in the beta.

Devs don’t normally want stuff ported from their games while in early Alpha/Beta stages, but once the game is fully released they usually have no problems with people porting the assets and stuff, I don’t know if the game is finished or has ended the beta stage but I believe it’s ok now

Well… Two arms are rigged.[/T] [T][/T] I’m going to have to re-rig the USEC one. And revamp the other. But ehh.

Took me like an hour to assemble this


can you chek this scope pls, if it’s ok, file name : scope_all_sig_bravo4_4x30 thanks

File is corrupt, the only asset importable was the LOD1, and it wasn’t good quality. (LOD0 crashes 3DS Max for me)


Damn, this is quite sweet. Really appreciate the work that went into this!

I wish I had the game myself, since I really want the player sounds, would anyone be able to extract them for me?

adding another question with this edit, does anyone know how to get the animations exported to a usable animation format?

Model seems to be fine. I used H2O “Hex to Object” but can’t get correct UVmap.

EDiT: Got it! Also with UV map!

Can you share It with us when It’s done, please?
i hope so…