Escape from the city

Escape from the city

Hello, here is my new scene. The ragdolls are not very well placed… But what do you think of this picture in general ?

Its ok

The most unfitting lighting I’ve seen in a loooooong while.

the posing makes me laugh. they’re so stiff and bored looking. the dude shooting is just like “lol no get off my boat”

Kinda lazy, nice background.

Make sure you have them hold pistols with two hands, or if you want to keep his arm ~bracing~ himself on the boat, extend his arm out all the way, it’s weird to hold a pistol with your arm bent, impossible to aim and even harder to manage recoil.

Any comment is good to take, thank you for your opinion.
In the positioning of ragdolls is true that this is not my forte.

I thought it was set in a theater at first, and the people were actors in the play.

I was expecting this. . .

It needs some work, backgrounds a little empty, and as said before they’re stiff, and the way hes holding the pistol . . well thats been explained